Employment Promotion Unit
Our beginning

In light of the great care shown by the East Amman Industrial Investors Association at economic and social levels, for the advancement and upgrading of the industrial sector in the East Amman region. The idea of ​​establishing an employment support unit came as a serious contribution to provide the industrial sector with trained and qualified workers and to provide decent work opportunities for those looking for it in accordance with their qualifications.

In order for the association to achieve these goals and develop the services provided to employers and those looking for it, many local and international partnerships were established with experienced bodies such as the German Organization for International Cooperation (GIZ) as well as the Trade for Employment project (T4E) to provide training to raise the readiness and efficiency of employment for job seekers. In addition to providing quality services to improve the work environment and increase employment retention rates for employment.

The association has also partnered with the National Employment and Training Center to establish the Marka Industrial Institute to provide job seekers with the necessary technical training and raise their readiness to enter the labor market.

Our mission

Activating communication channels with employers in factories, solidifying their employees and directing job seekers to jobs that suit their qualifications and technical and practical capabilities.

Diversification for methods of communication with job seekers to ensure access to them, inform them of the quality services provided by the departments to them and increasing their knowledge of the opportunities available in the labor market. This includes social networking sites and communication with governmental and private institutions, charities and development associations.

Providing career counseling service to job seekers to manage their expectations and knowledge of the job market. We work to qualify and train job seekers by qualified and certified trainers.

Monthly follow-up of researchers after obtaining jobs and providing support and motivation to ensure they continue to work efficiently and effectively.

Carrying out surveys and statistics on the work environment in factories and seeking to solve some problems facing employers, in order to reach a positive and stimulating work environment.

Holding efficiency enhancing courses for HR employees and production supervisors in industrial companies.
Providing consultation on HR, labor and social security law.

Our goals

The center seeks to reach the largest number of industrial companies within the scope of its geographical work, with the aim of limiting the vacant jobs and matching them with the qualifications of job seekers based on the database of researchers available at our center.

  • Establising linking offices for the Employment Support Unit in different regions of East Amman.
  • The unit works to encourage and enable women to enter the industrial labor market.
  • We also strive to reach a suitable and attractive work environment for job seekers to ensure job stability.

It is our honor to serve and collaborate with you.