who are we

Eastern Amman Industrial Investors association:

A non-profit, regional organization that carries out development activities concerned with the affairs of its members and industrial colleagues in the East Amman area.


Eastern Amman Industrial Investors association

was established on 08/02/2010 with the aim of providing support, assistance and information to its members and those who practice industrial activities in Marka and the neighboring industrial areas.

Our Vision:

The association seeks to be the pioneer within the regional and industrial societies in Jordan and for the East Amman region to become a purposeful and influential economic industrial grouping in the development of the reality of the industry and the pursuit of an integrated regional developmental model

Our Message:

Building a prosperous national industry, developing a spirit of cooperation among members, raising the efficiency and the members culture and their Staff, providing advice, Financial and moral support, and providing them with what they can in maintaining and developing their investments.

Goals and objectives of the association:

  • Expanding, supporting and developing the activities of investors and industrialists in the east of Amman and the surrounding industrial areas.
  • The association seeks to be a communication channel between the Jordan and Amman Chamber of Industry and government institutions and the Industrial Cities Company and all concerned parties on the one hand of its affiliates on the other hand to communicate obstacles and problems of investors and industrialists and work to solve them.
  • Responsibility towards the environment and its preservation as one of the association's priorities, as the association seeks, with the assistance of many parties, to increase environmental awareness and adopt modern methods of getting rid of industrial waste or recycling it, which preserves a green environment free of industrial pollution.
  • Creating a type of industrial integration between its members by establishing linkages between its supply chains.
  • Coordination between the industrial sector companies producing goods and services companies related to the consumption and export of manufactured goods and implementing programs aimed at developing industrial industries and exports.
  • Serving the local community and its institutions for the purposes of achieving comprehensive development.
  • Eastern Amman Industrial Investors association seeks to pursuit social responsibility towards the local factory in the East Amman region in cooperation with the relevant authorities, to qualify human staff ready to work, as well as to encourage its members to employ workers as people with special needs.