Nahawand Food Industry and Trade
The Company's name : Nahawand Food Industry and Trade
Trade Name : Nahawand Food Industry and Trade
The year of establishment of the company : 2019
About the founder of the company :
A brief history of the company’s establishment :

We are a pioneered company in manufacturing and trading food products. We established the company in 2019. Its an extension of more than forty years of experience in the food industry. We established it as an initiative to provide the local market with its need for the sweets' high-quality sugar dough. We are the only factor in Jordan who manufacture the sugar dough material.

Industrial sector : Twining, food, agricultural and livestock industries
Export markets abroad for the last 3 years : None
International certifications and accreditations :


Is the commissioner or commissioners : Local investor
Registered capital : 5000
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Sameer Oraife 0795221744
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Ibraheem No'man 078220304
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Sameer Oraife 0795221744
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Ibraheem No'man 078220304
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