Golden Star Plastic Factory
The Company's name : Youssef Elayyan & partners Co
Trade Name : Golden Star Plastic Factory
The year of establishment of the company : 1992
About the founder of the company :

Mr. Youssef Alyan founded the Golden Star Plastic Factory in 1982, and he inherited this profession from grandparents in the fifties where he worked in the manufacture of manual straw brooms, which started with a small operator and with the passage of time and industrial development the plastic factory was established and now includes many high-quality plastic products.

A brief history of the company’s establishment :

Golden Star Plastic Factory was established in Jordan in 1982, and the factory is considered one of the oldest plastic factories, and it is characterized by the manufacture of the finest plastic products that were characterized by high quality that serve consumers, and multiple production lines were added in the factory, including the lines of creams, brooms and many other products. Within the passage of years and the increase in production and demand for products, the factory was expanded in 2013, the latest Italian and German production lines were introduced and new production lines were included and production was divided in all steps with separate production areas in order to maintain the highest quality of production. as a result, the factory was able to meet export and local market demands with quality and in a record time.

Industrial sector : Plastic and rubber industries
Export markets abroad for the last 3 years : Syria - KSA - Morocco - Algeria
Is the commissioner or commissioners : Local investor
Registered capital : 50000
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