Al Wadi
The Company's name : Arabian Trade & food Industries
Trade Name : Al Wadi
The year of establishment of the company : 1978
About the founder of the company :
A brief history of the company’s establishment :

Arabian company was established in 1978 as a factory for the manufacture of ice and cold stores. When the owners moved from Kuwait to Jordan in 1994, the company witnessed great expansions and the company became producing foodstuffs where they were able to become the first choice for the consumer in obtaining food by providing each home or restaurant with high-quality products that are of high value, easy to buy and enjoyable. The company is considered one of the largest and most recent factories specialized in the food industry. Today it continues its efforts in development, modernization and success in all local and global markets through several factors, including maintaining the quality of its products and meeting the needs of its customers and the use of modern scientific methods and technology in research and development and the provision of new products in continuous to satisfy all tastes and meet all needs in the local and global market. The company has administrative staff and workers with high efficiency in production to meet the needs of the market with high quality and record time. Since the establishment of the company in 1978, Al Wadi for Foodstuff Company has grown significantly from a small company and has become a brand all over the world, the company has recorded remarkable growth in record time

Industrial sector : Twining, food, agricultural and livestock industries
Export markets abroad for the last 3 years : Iraq - UAE - Qatar - Kuwait - Tunisia - Oman
International certifications and accreditations :

ISO 22000

Is the commissioner or commissioners : Local investor
Registered capital : 5000000
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North Marka - Army St

Public Administration :
Hussein Mohammed Barhoush0797333840
Human Resources :
Israa Al Sarajneh0797595551
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Omar OseiAbdul Rahman Al-KiswaniNael Al-JalladAhmed Al-Jallad064891254
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